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Heather Sigmund, LAPC

Child and Family Therapist

Parent Coordinator


“You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.” - Rumi


I received my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Columbus State University, and I’m currently pursuing licensure in the state of Georgia. I work with all ages and walks of life and am a multiculturally sensitive counselor, who will always pay attention to the social context of our life situations. Additionally, I have experience working with individuals identifying as LGBTQIA+. I’m passionate about helping individuals develop healthy and productive coping skills to handle life’s challenges. I enjoy working with:

  • Individuals questioning their identity and/or meaning in life

  • Individuals going through life transitions

  • Improving parent-child communication

  • Kids/Teens navigating life

  • Couples striving to strengthen their relationship/become trauma responsive 

  • Improving emotional regulation through development of self-awareness

I have an integrative approach to psychotherapy that includes Person-Centered, Existential, Multicultural, and Adlerian orientations. All interventions and techniques used in my sessions are evidence-based. I utilize developmentally appropriate mindfulness practices to foster a deeper self-awareness with all clients. With children, I use Adlerian Play Therapy to help kids connect, cope, know that they count, and build courage. With teens, Reality Therapy provides techniques to address and improve current unproductive behaviors, relationships, and circumstances. Above all, my aim is to meet my clients where they are emotionally and developmentally to build their resilience and self-efficacy. 


I’m also a registered yoga instructor (RYT-500). As such, I often use breathwork, grounding exercises, body awareness activities, and other mindfulness practices to enhance the therapeutic sessions. 


My career as a counselor is coming a little later in life, as I have also gone through many transitions. I’ve been a yoga instructor since 2012, and I completed all of my trainings in Germany, Austria, and India. I’m also an artist and enjoy getting lost in whatever project I have going on at the moment. I am based in Columbus, GA and have three little kids, which takes up the majority of my time! I also love nature, pugs, traveling, and naps. 

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