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Erin Tatham, CFP®

Financial Consultant


Erin Tatham is a financial planner and investment advisor focused on holistic, goal-oriented financial planning and wealth management. She forms partnerships with clients and provides them with personalized financial solutions designed to meet their unique needs and objectives. Erin acts in a fiduciary capacity for all clients and is dedicated to acting solely in their best interest. Financial planning can feel like such an overwhelming task, but Erin assists clients by following a simplified process and using a collaborative approach. 


Erin has been an investment advisor since 2015, working for mid-size firms in Atlanta and Charlotte. Her work primarily supports individuals, families, small business owners and non-profit organizations in various locations across the country. In 2020, Erin proudly joined the team at Register Financial, an independent firm located in Atlanta. Their processes, platforms and management teams at Register Financial are dedicated to providing a better experience and adding a higher level of value to the investment process. At Register Financial, advisors form a team with their clients to build relationships and wealth.  


Currently residing in Roswell, GA with her husband and two children, Erin grew up in Marietta and attended Clemson University. Determined to provide the highest level of expertise to her clients, she completed The American College’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Education Program in 2019. In 2020, Erin completed the education, experience and examination requirements and is now a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. She provides free consults for our clients in need of financial consulting. 

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