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We exist to increase the capacity of the individual, family, legal and therapeutic systems to navigate divorce with a collaborative model so that conflict is minimized and all parties have the opportunity to thrive.  We look forward to the opportunity to continue to expand our services across the state so that all families have an opportunity to benefit from our services. 

Unique Approach

We use an "integrated service model" which means that the mental health services often needed during divorce/child custody proceedings are within the same organization, and the professionals collaborate to increase the effectiveness of interventions. Our services have shown to reduce conflict, enhance the efficacy of interventions, and shorten the amount of time needed to reach resolution. 


Though the stated goals in all divorce proceedings that involve children is that decisions are made in the child's best interest, this is often a more complex decision than anticipated. Our team is equipped with expertise in divorce counseling as it relates to children to assist courts in making these most important decisions. 

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